Three Rivers Fellowship is a Southern Baptist Church located in Waverly, Humphreys County, Tennessee.  Its history and growth is a testimony to the presence and plan of God.

God had been at work in the hearts and minds of His children for many years regarding a new Baptist church here in Humphreys County.  The Truett Association and other church leaders had been praying for a new church start in Humphreys County for years.  In the summer of 2011, God began to impress upon the hearts of two families in Humphreys County His desires and the needs of the community.  At the same time, God moved at Long Heights Baptist Church in Mckenzie Tennessee and created a desire to help plant a church, and specifically one in Humphreys County.cs01-bb-01_cross 2

God began to bring these different parties together in His providence.  Within the same week in late July and August of 2011, these families and Brother Kenny Carr of Long Heights Baptist Church both met with the Director of Missions for the Humphreys County area (William Gray) to reveal what God had laid upon their hearts.  It was not too long before Brother Gray recognized that “God is in this!”

God was moving at Long Heights, creating unanimous support for the new church start.  He was also preparing  the hearts and minds of others in Humphreys County to join in this new church start.

Between September and November, the plans were laid, and fellowship began.  The new church met initially in homes and fellowship grew.  The church then needed a building, but was initially disappointed in the offerings, but then a call was made to a local realtor who said that he had just listed a church building. It had been a Mormon church and looked small, but  looks were deceiving –  the building was much larger than it appeared, and it even had a sanctuary with pews. After a little prayer, and feeling God’s direction, an offer was made, but was initially rejected.   Meanwhile, the continued development of the new church was laid out at the Tennessee Baptist Convention’s Basic Training for Church Planting, and fellowship was confirmed.  God lead others to bring their talents and gifts for music and evangelism to the new church start.

After all of this planning, the church was “officially” formed on December 1, 2011, and  Three Rivers Fellowship was born. That was quickly 18followed by the first Sunday service.  By Christmas of 2011, Three Rivers Fellowship held its first Christmas service, with over 15 in attendance – quite a growth in two months.  But, God was not finished providing for His new church – the Mormon church became available again and Three Rivers Fellowship was able to purchase it in February 2012.  A few days later, Three Rivers Fellowship held its first Sunday service in the new building.

God has blessed Three Rivers Fellowship in growth since its meager beginnings.  Three Rivers Fellowship called Wayne Purcell as Pastor effective October, 2012 and Kevin Garner as Worship leader effective July 14, 2013. We continue to be blessed with new members, and visitors, in our Sunday School programs and our worship services. Reaching the lost, unchurched and needy in our community for God remains the focus of all that Three Rivers Fellowship does.  Come join us!

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