Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Sunday 9:00am 

A Daily Pursuit

September 15, 2019

    This week we will continue discussing the lesson from Session 2, A Daily Pursuit.  We will talk about one of the main reasons God allows tough times to come, or sometimes sends tough times.  We’ll look at what Jesus said should be our focus.  As you read the scriptures below, pray and see what the three instances in the life and works of Jesus tell us.  How are these stories alike?  Is there a lesson to be learned from these 3 scriptures?  These questions go to the heart of the correct view of God and rejoicing in the Lord at ALL times and what we have to believe to make that possible when things seem to be crumbling around us, or when we see loved ones about to make what we think are really bad choices.  The answer will be simple–but not always easy.


Emphasis Scripture: Luke 13: 1-5; John 9: 1-3; John 11: 1-45

Simplicity: Finding Contentment in a Busy Life

Fall 2019

Session 2