Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Sunday 9:00am 

How Can I Honor God In My Suffering?

February 23 , 2020

       When have you seen someone honored in a memorable way?  Every part of life–including difficulties–is an opportunity to glorify God.  We don’t need to honor the pain points in our lives, but let’s consider how we can use those pain points as a way to honor the One who walks beside us.  Whatever may happen to us bodily has no bearing on the life we have in Christ.  Everything we do and say is a reflection of the gospel in us.  Even when we face hardship and suffer, we still can reflect and glorify Jesus in our lives.  We are merely earthen vessels, but we are carrying the world’s most important message everywhere we go.  We might wonder what good can come from pain and difficulties, but those moments of trial can and should be opportunities to point to Christ and offer Him thanks.  We’re not thankful for the hardship itself but for what it accomplishes.  We can stand strong because a far greater glory awaits us in Christ.

Emphasis Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4: 7-18

When Life Gets Hard

Winter 2020

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