Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Class:

We’re going to put our study of Romans on hold.  I don’t think it can be as effective “online” as it would be in person, so I have created some lessons all from the Book of James on true faith. The Book of James gives us several tests, as it were, to make sure our faith is real, saving faith. I have designed this course of study to basically involve 10 lessons, and suggest you attack them in this Order:

1 – Pre-James Questionairre (a pre-test if you will to see where you are before we get DEEP into he Book of James)  – save this, as you’ll want to see where James comes into play

2 – A short Biography of James (taken from Scripture)

3 – Pre-James Questions and Meditation Verses

4 – James 1 – Exploring Temptation

5 – James 1 – Responding to the Word of God

6 – James 2 (Part one) – Dead Faith

7 – James 2 (Part Duex) – Faith that Passes the Test

8 – James 3 – The Tongue

9 – James 4 – Friendship with the World

10 – James 5 – Riches, Trials and Oaths

By the way, the Youth are also going to be studying James in some “online” sessions, so if you happen to have a Youth in your home also studying James (and Hunter had no idea I was going to post these studies when he set his courses), you guys can discuss what you’ve learned and make us of the time God has given.  Make it fun – quiz each other!!

I pray that we are back to regular Sunday School more quickly than these lessons allow, but you can always use them as devotional study if we get back to our normal schedule. If you start to run out, let me know and we can add more.

I have asked questions for thought, so feel free to email any questions, and the group can discuss.

Study Guide Attachments:

1 – Pre James Questionairre

2 – A Short Biography of James

3 – Pre James Questions and Meditation Verses

4 – James 1 – Exploring Temptation

5 – James 1 – Responding to the Word of God

6 – James 2 (Part one) – Dead Faith

7 – James 2 (part duex) – Faith That Passes the Test

8 – James 3 – The Tongue

9 – James 4 -Friendship with the World

10 – James 5 – Riches, Trials and Oaths